Kicking Prose – Poetry

A little book of poetry. Available from Amazon US and Amazon UK as well as other Amazon sites around the world.
Published by KUBOA, click here to go to their website.


The Tobacco-Stained SkyPublished by Another Sky Press, featured my story, The Great Milko Of The People
Flash Me! The Sinthology. Published by Solarcide, featuring my story, Tarred and Feathered.











Nova Parade. Published by Solarcide, featuring my story, Tarred and Feathered.
In Search Of A City… Los Angeles in 1,000 Words. Published by Thunderdome Press, features my story, the fantasy of California VS The Reality of London












UEA CWS 12/13. Features my story, Appropriate.











Embers Of My Father -Published in The Fake Press.

Carry Ons – Published in Microfiction Monday

Pixelated Hearts – Published in Blink-Ink #11

The Omniscient Deity Is A Card Shop – Published in Bizarro Central

Bordello – Published in Solarcide

The Reality of California vs. The Fantasy Of London – Published in Thunderdome

A Death In The Family – Published in Short, Fast and Deadly

I Bet It’s Cold Over There! – Published in Postcard Shorts

100: Words Or Less – Published on the eponymous site

Small Disclaimer: Some of these stories were written and published when I was as young as 18. As one can expect in about 5 years, I’ve changed my writing a lot. Hopefully, all for the better. I’d urge you to look at the writing that is the most recent, as it is a better representation of my current style.

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