Bravo PUA

Wouldn’t you hate to be that awkward guy? We all know one. The guy who stands in the corner, clutching a beer to the chest, whose heart races when he makes just eye contact with a girl. After going through a divorce Steve, or Bravo as he is known to the thousands of men he has taught across the world, knows the process of changing your life better than anyone. On his website, Bravo describes himself as being at “rock bottom point”, where he would fail to approach women, and the ones he did lead to little success. Bravo admitted that his motivation for improving his life was spite, that one day he hope he would run into his ex-wife who would “see me look awesome, surrounded by women and realise she fucked up!”

So how did your average man turn into one of the world’s best dating coaches? Hard work. Bravo talks about how he would go out to bars, often on his own, and improve his game by talking to girl after girl. In a year his skills got good enough so that he was offered a job with Neil Strauss,author of THE GAME and credited as the world’s greatest Pick Up Artist. Similar to his tactical training and martial arts, Bravo excelled at the task he was set, and was soon worked his way up the ladder to Executive Coach. Bravo recently started his own company,BravoPUA. The community of members, known as “The Bravohood”, are a close knit group who are all helping each other improve their lifestyle.

Whether you want to improve your success with women, your confidence, or overall lifestyle, Bravo has received glowing recommendations from his students. To contact him, visit his website, which can be found here.

Interview is as follows:

1.) When you tell people what you do for a living, is there a risk that it will sound degrading to women or just be copying the plot synopsis of Hitch?

No, my thing is I really try not to tell people what I do for a living. My thought is don’t talk about Fight Club. And what I recommend for all guys who are into this stuff, is to not to talk about it. This even happened to me three days ago, this chick from PlentyOfFish found out about this site and googled it, and when they google it they find all the sleazy crappy marketing shit. So you can’t control what they find out about it. Even though I do my best to frame it in this great positive way, when they google it they think I’m misleading them. I even had a girl once, who I was cool with, who googled it and found Mehows stuff. She said, “you do what that guy does, he’s creepy as shit!” So after that I learned, don’t talk about Fight Club. And it’s harder for me, because it’s my job. It always pissed me off too, how guys use this as a way to meet girls, or an excuse, to DHV (demonstrate higher value) and say “Oh, I’m a pick up artist”, all these guys say that as an excuse to talk to a girl, and I think its lame and would never do that.

2.) After Neil Strauss had his New-York Times best selling book, The Game, and Mystery had his own VH1 TV show, do you think that if the Pick Up Artist community was going to be completely mainstream it would of by now?

Nah. If you think about it the PUA TV show, it was a game show on TV. If you think about the other reality game shows on VH1, Flavour of Love & Brett Michaels. No one gives a shit about the people on the last season on the show. So, 2, 3 years from now, no one gives a shit about it. And when I explain to people what I do for work, I actually mention that show on VH1, and they’re like “no no- maybe yeah I saw it”. It’s the same thing with martial arts, once this thing gets out everyone think its ruined. It may be a little more of a hot topic, but I don’t think it will ever go mainstream, Also, mainstream stuff is always watered down. The thing to get good is you have to learn and work hard.

3.) You recently started your own company, where you focus having a personal touch with your members, why do you feel that is important to do?

Because of my background in marital arts, tactical training and firearm training, I know there’s no easy way to get good at stuff. Everyone wants this magic pill, but it’s the same bullshit marketing everyone with martial arts has done for years. No one is going to get good if they waste time and energy without practising. So, with my website I try to offer more personal coaching, which technically is a bad business idea because everyone else wants a e-book or DVD to sell thousands of times. This stuff changed my life and I like helping other people, and if I can pay rent and eat food at the same time, that’s awesome. Even with phone coaching, people asking “You charge 200-125$ for an hour?”, but I was at PUA summit and there were guys charging $250 an hour and these were guys who CLEARLY do not get laid and are just trying to scam people

4.) From getting a divorce to being one of the best coaches in the PUA business, how would you describe your journey to this point?

At the start it was very hard and painful. But I never, like a lot of guys, wanted to become a PUA coach. It had no appeal to me. I just wanted to learn some skills to improve my life. And then once I did I found out I was pretty good at this stuff, and it was in my quest to meet other people who were better than me, that I ended up meeting a lot of guys, and I became their mentor and giving them advice. I did my first boot camp in Phoenix really as just way to teach guys to be good enough to go out with me. Then after that they had a great time and posted on forum, then others wanted to. Smoothcall drove out from California to come out with me! Then I met Style and he offered me the job as a coach, and I jumped at the chance. I went from Junior Coach, to Senior Coach to Executive coach within a year. Then after I left Stylelife, I didn’t know if I wanted to stick in with this or change my life path, but I had so many guys asking for help I set up the website, blog andforum which is one of the best PUA forums on the internet. I get to do what i love.

5.) How does it feel to know that your job is to turn around mens life and give them a desirable lifestyle?

Amazing. And I feel that it is my job in this world to make a difference, to help people. I felt it when I did my tactical training and firearms training, to me it was noble to teach guys. I had letters telling me the stuff you taught me saved my life. That was pretty awesome and humbling; this job is has a very similar feeling knowing I make a difference.

6.) What is the one basic tip that all men need?

It’s different for guys who read this and for guys, who are not familiar with pick up. The best thing is to be happy with the person you are. If you’re not, you need to find stuff to do to make you happy , because if you’re not happy to be with yourself, why would someone else be happy with you?

7.) You choose to make your products accessible via your website, rather than books, e-books or DVDs, why is that?

Two fold, first E-books and DVDs are a dying technology. How many of us have gigs of DVD and e-books we will never read and use? If you look at technology in general, I don’t buy DVDs, books or CDs anymore. I can do all 3 on my iPad. I like technology, I’m a pretty big nerd so this makes a lot of sense to me. I thought getting into this, if I could buy a product, which way of purchasing it would make me the happiest. Even with magic tricks or martial arts, when you move these books or DVDs, this gets old. When you back it up, that gets old. With google chrome their new system is in the cloud. I wanted my products in the cloud, where if you crash it doesn’t matter. If you log into my site it is all there. The other reason is, it’s also a big money issue and my limited ability. I’ve never taken a computer class, and I don’t have money for companies to print books and DVDs. When I started my own company it was very abrupt, it wasn’t planned. I had to improvise and make due with what I had and with my technology skills, so I figured this out. Which is really just my mind set making the best of it and making it cool. Now it turns out, in my own opinion, it works out the best. You have a video online accessible and my online game forum. I’ve proven to myself it’s a viable option and its worked.

8.) What advice would you give to men who are too scared to seize the day and go out there, and have their life as they want it?

The best way to guarantee you have an amazing future and to make sure you have amazing memories and past. Make the most out of today, if every day you make the most of it, you know you’re looking forward to your future so you make great memories of the past. So if you’re not happy with your life and where it’s going, today is where you have to change. And I was more bummed out, and been through more shit then anyone I’ve worked with. And if it works for me, man, I’ll tell you guys the juice is worth the squeeze…. it’s worth it.

9.) What is your biggest success story?

I’ve had all those guys posted on my site and all, cause now they’re living their lives how they want; Guys who are now engaged or married. Who were suicidal but now who are not. But I never really want to bring those up, who knows what the future holds for any of us? I want anyone to be happy in life, but I know if they’re happy todayMy greatest success story is I’m happy with who I am, and I’m able to work with people who are on the path to improving their life.

10.) As a special treat for all readers, skilled to non-skilled, can you give us one piece of valuable advice?

Yeah, here’s a question I get asked a lot on drinking. Is it ok to drink when you’re out practising pickup? The answer is –sometimes. If I’m taking or going to school for guitar lessons and I’m learning a skill set, I don’t go have a couple beers or shots before I go to class, that’s ridiculous. So why is this any different? So when you drink, you lose the ability to notice the finer points, your vision and perception gets blurred. Once you get good, and you are having successes, sure drink. Don’t use alcohol as a crutch. If I see a hot girl and say I’d only talk to her if I had a drink, your fucked. You can’t do day game or mall game if without booze in your system you’re screwed. I’m against crutches in general life. So, if you can talk to girls well sober, go out and have a couple drinks. If I drink, I’m out having fun, not pick up girls; and a by-product of that is picking up chicks.