The name George Ouzounian may not sound familiar, but Maddox, as he is known to over 250 million people who have visited his website, is an internet phenomenon. Maddox’s website,The Best Page In The Universe, has grown exponentially and his influence has grown into videos, books and a comic book. Maddox’s famous post, I Am Better Than Your Kids, is being made into a book. The official website can be found here. Maddox is a writer who through humor shows clear intellect and his satire rants are perhaps some of the best criticisms of society. I’d like to thank Maddox for joining me.


The Alphabet Of Manliness is available from Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Interview is as follows:

1.) With my website about 250 million hits away from having 250 million hits,how does it feel achieving such a remarkable number through the power of word of mouth and no advertising?

It feels like having a constant hardon that’s not a piss boner. It feels like success.

2.) With The Alphabet Of Manliness available in print as well as download on Kindle, where do you stand on the print vs E-reader debate?

I don’t own a Kindle or a Nook yet. I prefer to hold the books I buy and don’t read. Though over time, I suppose I could get used to the idea of having digital books I don’t read. For authors, it’s liberating because it finally gives us a way to make an end-run without publishers. Not that the publishing industry is necessarily bad or thuggish, unlike the music industry. But why give them the lion’s share of profits if you don’t have to? It’ll be interesting to see if publishers offer more value than just distribution to woo future authors.

3.) The humor on your site has been known to offend people, does this annoy you or do you feel that when writing humor offending people can be a bi-product?

I don’t try to offend people. That said, I don’t care if they’re offended. Writing something that will offend dumb people is easy. Writing something that will offend intelligent people is much harder.

4.) With The Alphabet Of Manliness being on The New York Times Best Seller list, how did this feel and how would you describe the journey from starting the website over ten years ago to today?

I remember having a meeting with all the major book sellers before “Alphabet of Manliness” came out, and remember telling them that I fully expected it to hit the New York Times bestseller list, and that I would be disappointed if I only hit #2. They were surprised and said they’d be thrilled with a #2 and had no expectations. I knew what I was doing and knew what I had written. I marketed the book to be a New York Times bestseller, so I wasn’t surprised at all when it hit the list. I know that sounds cocky, even for me, but there’s no reason why anyone with enough know-how, intuition and hard work can’t write a bestseller. It’s a fuck-ton of hard work, and most people simply aren’t willing to work that hard. I worked 6 consecutive months with no time off (no weekends or holidays) until I finished. Few people are willing to do the same.

5.) The writing style of The Alphabet Of Manliness makes it seem like it was the musings of one of the worlds greatest pirates, does it bother you that people may not understand the level and amount of hard work you put into it?

No, because anyone who doesn’t understand how much work went into my book is an idiot, and I don’t seek recognition from idiots.

6.) You’ve started your own webshow, The Greatest Show In The Universe, what about the medium appeals to you and are there any other forms you wish to explore?

Video is a medium best suited for audio/visual content, so I’ve focused on making shows that are best done in that medium. My first episode is a perfect example: there’s just no way to write satire about a child poorly singing the TMNT song with it having the same impact as seeing the edited intro. My goal is to keep doing video segments when it makes sense to, and to write when it doesn’t.

7.) Your up and coming book, I Am Better Than Your Kids, is based on an old and classic post. Was it a tough choice to decide which post to turn into a book?

No. I’ve wanted to do this book for as long as that article has existed. In fact, I wrote a pitch for this book the same week I wrote that article. It’s a book that people have been waiting for, for a long time.

8.) What can an 8 year old child do to obtain more than the infamous F rating?

I’ll tell you when I see it.

9.) If you had unlimited time and money, what other projects would you indulge and what else do you have in the works?

I would make a TV show, a movie, a video game, something animated, more comics and a radio show. I want to explore all mediums.

10.) If you were to re-release The Alphabet Of Manliness, how about having me as the J section?